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How to Recreate the bettie page vintage clothing Look

How to Recreate the bettie page vintage clothing Look

How to Recreate the bettie page vintage clothing Look

How to Recreate the bettie page vintage clothing Look

bettie page vintage clothing

Betty Page
One of the most iconic women in the world; Bettie Page has been a source of desire for hundreds of thousands of men across the globe and a source of inspiration for women.

If you don’t know who Bettie Page is… shame on you! But we’ll forgive you because you’re reading this and will soon know how important she was in the 50s. Bettie was an iconic pinup girl who caused a bit of controversy by becoming the first famous bondage model – to this day her iconic jet black hair with short fringe and womanly curves has inspired generations of women to recreate her look.

The Hair

Long, jet black and wavy – if you don’t have this type of hair then worry not; the main thing you’ll need to create Bettie’s hair is the famous short fringe. Please don’t attempt to cut this yourself unless you’re super skilled with a pair of scissors. You might even have problems using ‘regular’ hairdressers too as they tend to shy away from cutting proper Bettie bangs. Ideally you should find a vintage hair salon for your Bettie fringe as they know exactly how this fringe should look; but if they don’t be sure to ask for a short fringe (about an inch above the eyebrows) that is longer in the middle and shorter at the sides – take in a photo to be safe.
If you’re feeling brave then dye your hair blue-black – but remember, black permanent hair dye is the ultimate hair colour commitment and cannot be washed out, you’ll have to grow it out and this could take years!

To get the waves then the best option is to use hair ‘rats’ the night before and roll your dry hair around the fabric.
Brush the curls out the next day and fix with lots of spray.

bettie page vintage clothing

The Clothes

Now let’s get one thing straight…Bettie Page was not famous for wearing clothes! Quite the opposite really but when she did wear clothes boy did they speak volumes! If you feel brave enough to flaunt your curves then the outfits you should try are: wiggle dresses, pencil skirts, high-waisted jeans/trousers, off-the-shoulder tops and lots of leopard print – heels are essential too! Wear your dress with a pair of stockings and make sure they have a back seam for added tease value.
The Makeup

To get the Bettie look you’ll need an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner (preferably liquid), mascara, foundation and red lipstick.

First make sure you put on a good matt foundation – the paler the better as Bettie was renowned for her alabaster skin. Next your eyebrows will need defining, take a look at Bettie on the internet to see her eyebrow shape – they were slightly on the heavy side. Use your pencil to thicken your brows and create more shape. You don’t want it to look too fake though so keep the shape similar to your real brows and just use the pencil to fill in any gaps and create more shape.

Next you’ll want to draw a line with your liquid eyeliner along your upper eyelid and flick this out towards the outer edge to create a cats eye shape add lashings of mascara to finish this look.

Finish with fiery red lipstick.

Now you have the look it’s now time to strike a pose… whip, crack! Down boy!

Bettie Page Clothing

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