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Vintage Makeup

Vintage Makeup

Vintage Makeup

Vintage Makeup

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vintage makeup50s Vintage Makeup
There’s something super sexy about vintage makeup. I should clarify; when I say ‘vintage’ I am specifically going to focus on 40s and 50s makeup as retro 80s makeup was generally way too over-the-top to be sexy or cool – harsh stripes of blusher and glossy coral lips? No thank you! Follow these steps and you’ll have the perfect 50s pinup makeup to suit your vintage 50s look.
So to get the vintage look you’ll only really need a few essential makeup items – a good foundation, translucent powder, black mascara, eyebrow pencil, black liquid eyeliner and a pillar box red lippy.

Vintage Makeup Face

To start with make sure you have a well moisturised face. No matter which decade you’re going for, dry scaly skin is never a good look. Apply your foundation evenly and add a touch of red lippy to your fingertips, place a dot of lipstick onto your cheekbones and blend well to give yourself a rosy cheek tint. Finish with a blot of powder to fix the look.
Vintage Makeup Eyes

Take the liquid eyeliner and starting from the inner corner of the eye draw a line along the lash line (keeping your eye open and looking down into a mirror) when you reach the end of your lashes flick the outer corner up to create that perfect ‘cats eye’ shape, apply a few coats of black mascara to finish. This is simple and effective. For more drama add false lashes too!

Finish your look with a slick of red lips. Apply, blot, apply, blot and finish with a dusting of powder to set the colour.

vintage makeup

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