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How to Make a Statement with Vintage Shoes Collection

How to Make a Statement with Vintage Shoes Collection

How to Make a Statement with Vintage Shoes Collection

Vintage Shoe Collection

vintage shoe collection
Vintage fashion can really make a statement and there’s no better way than letting your feet do all the walkin’ and all the talkin’ when it comes to standing out.

If you’ve never thought to experiment with vintage shoes then perhaps now is the time to introduce some retro styles to your wardrobe?

Vintage Shoe Collection

Clockwise from top left: Brothel Creepers by ASOS, shpirulina,  Girl in Platforms by Tiger Lilly Girl, Yellow Platforms by Young and Ukraine, 80s Courts by Love it So Much, Brogues by Snappy Lifestyle

80s Courts Vintage Shoe Collection

My personal favourite, 80s court shoes make any outfit look cool and they’re a great way of adding an element of vintage to current fashion items.

Wear with skinny jeans or a summery dress when the weather gets hotter.

Brothel Creepers

Not everyone’s cup of tea, brothel creepers add height and comfort to your style. They look awesome teamed with skinny jeans, white socks and turn-ups. They take a bit of getting used to, but look totally cool once you nail it.

Platforms Vintage Shoe  Collection

70s platforms look fantastic in summer when teamed with a long flowing maxi dress or short floaty floral number. They’re comfortable to wear and make a massive statement too. Look out for cork wedges for a traditional 70s look or glittery styles to glam it up a little. A hippy headband is entirely optional!

Brogues Vintage Shoe Collection

The beauty of this type of shoe is that it’s very masculine which means they can look amazing worn with feminine clothing such as dresses and skirts.

If you want to go for an androgynous look then wear with trousers (opt for a slim leg) and a turtle neck or tank top.

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Oct 13, 2016 A huge collection of more than 330 pairs of vintage shoes amassed by a Mansfield man have sold for more than £3500. The men’s and ladies’ …

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