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60s Vintage Clothing Fashion from 1960s

60s Vintage Clothing Fashion from 1960s

60s Vintage Clothing Fashion from 1960s

60s Vintage Clothing Fashion

The 60s brought a lot of new trends that’s carried over to date. There was an influx of teenagers in the 60s, and like every generation of teenagers, they too took high risks with fashion and came up with new trends. At that time, the rebel-rocker-look emerged during this era. This was the decade where Vintage Fashion opened up to even more possibilities than before. As with the 50s, a large variety of skirts, shorts and pants became acceptable during this decade. Capri pants became a popular option for women while skinny pants (drainpipes) came into 60s Vintage Fashion. By the end of the 60s, bell bottoms came into fashion.

For effortless 60s Vintage Fashion, capris or skinny pants was paired with a patterned blouse to get a wearable 60s style. Skirts in the 60s became even shorter. The mini-skirt was introduced during this decade and was worn just above the knee or five inches up. As with shift dresses, these mini-skirts were rendered in a number of fabrics. Culottes became famous during this period, as they were a way to wear the short length mini skirt and still keep the style modest. With the exception of the masculine silhouette of the 20s, most women’s clothing up until the 60s was designed to accentuate the curves and outline the shape.

While a defined look was still popular in the 60s and continued to be, the prime of shift dresses, or even a short but fitting frock, came into life during this decade. Whether rendered in solid fabric, fun print, or even sequins, these cute dresses were inspired by Modernists. Basic shift dresses are still a 60s Vintage Fashionable choice today and are recognized as stemming from the mod look that characterized much of the 60s. A-line mini dresses were also popular during the 60s. Like shift dresses, the A-liners were designed in many fabrics, colors, and patterns, and is a style still frequently seen today.

Vintage Clothing Fashion

60s vintage clothing fashion

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