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The 70s Vintage Clothing Fashion 1970

The 70s Vintage Clothing Fashion 1970

The 70s Vintage Clothing Fashion 1970

The 70s Vintage Clothing Fashion 1970

It was the most active decade in terms of fashion trends. People till date are going retro with the hippie revolution and the acclaimed disco inferno. All these trends are characteristics of the 70s fashion style. During the 70s, discos were surely the most in-thing back then. Bright colors were the most in-thing to dress during such disco events. The louder your costume’s color combination was, the better themed you would be! They went to the extent of selecting a combination of colors of which people would frown today.
A suit of three pieces that had a high rise vest, wide lapels, and was made out of synthetic fibers was yet another excellent vintage dressing style for disco themed event in the 70s. Such a suit was teamed up bell bottoms or just a pair of flared pants plus a pair of platform shoes. The Hippie costume was another hot favorite when it came to dressing vintage style. During the 70s, hippies and Woodstock were the talks of the town. For any costume party themed on the 70s or the vintage style, you could confidently style this way. Hippie costumes are mostly associated with psychedelic colors. For girls, wearing a short and brightly colored dress was the absolute hit. For boys, a classic looking tee with a pair of bell bottoms, or even a tie and dye shirt was a cool choice with a selection of either flip flops or sandals.
You can also accessorize your vintage fashion clothing with the right kind of accessories from our site. Bright colored makeup with false lashes was another must-have thing to go in the 70s fashion era. A fake gold bling was worn around a guy’s neck. You can add that final touch to your retro look of the 70s.

 70s Vintage Clothing Fashion 1970

70s vintage clothing fashion


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