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Go 1950s this Vintage Easter!

Go 1950s this Vintage Easter!

Go 1950s this Vintage Easter!

Go 1950s this Easter! Vintage Fashion

“I’m bored.”
“But it’s only the first day of the Easter holidays.”
We hear it constantly. Having too much time and not knowing what to do with it. If you’re thinking about gorging on all that chocolate on Sunday, why not distract yourself by rolling those sleeves up and doing some baking, 50s style!
Here at shpirulina.com we love being creative, and when its raining outside and there’s nothing to do but sit around and watch endless repeats of films we’ve seen so many times before and can probably quote from start to finish, it’s easy to get lazy.
Instead, we’ve come up with a plan to get you in the mood for a fun-packed Easter, before all the chocolate sets in!
Now I’m not saying that buying a 50s dress and apron will suddenly turn you into a domestic goddess, but let’s face it, it can help to create the atmosphere of the era, and that can’t be bad.
Earlier this week I made biscuits whilst listening to the tunes of the 50s and early 60s whilst dressed in my new Peggy Page London dress in navy and white polka dots. They turned out perfect. Coincidence?

My first batch of biscuits, buttered shortbread of course!
Either way, with the popularity of TV shows such as The Great British Bake Off growing by the year, it’s becoming fashionable to rediscover the art of baking and old fashioned hobbies.
If you fancy trying baking for yourself, I recommend starting off with biscuits, they are easy to make (and good to eat too) unless you don’t follow the recipe correctly. Nobody likes burnt biscuits!
If you’re unsuccessful with your first attempt, don’t give up. Try again or move on to making the simplest type of cake, the modest cupcake. That way you can enjoy decorating them after they’re baked.
So, with this in mind, you’ll be wanting the proper equipment. Local homeware stores should have everything you need, although don’t get too carried away with buying everything, you’ll only need the basics to start with.
Also, you may want to look the part, so it’s fortunate that the 50s is one of the top trends for Spring and Summer 2016.
This dress from Rainbow Valley Vintage is perfect for the 50s trend, cute with floral print and gingham check, any housewife of the 50s would surely be proud to serve up a cake or two wearing this!

If you like baking but would prefer something a little less frilly, why not invite some friends over for a casual afternoon tea, complete with tea cups and saucers. This set from Vintage Actually ticks every box, be it a picnic hamper or a basket!

Just look at those lovely bright colours! Practical and stylish, that doesn’t happen often! Not unless you’re wearing vintage!
If you really want to embrace the 50s, add some retro to your home with a coffee table like this one, also from Vintage Actually! Who wouldn’t be proud to serve a set of tea on one of these?
Whether you love the 50s or not, its always a good idea to try out new crafts, you never know, you might find you have a talent for it!
Roll up those sleeves and get baking, it’s great fun and much better than being bored!
Happy Easter from all of us at shpirulina.com !!!


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