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How to maintain vintage clothing

How to maintain vintage clothing

How to maintain vintage clothing

How to keep vintage clothing

The mistake most people make when they get vintage clothing is treating the clothes like they do their modern clothing. Vintage clothes are old clothes and should therefore be treated very differently from how you would treat your other maintain vintage clothing. First and foremost, never take your vintage clothing to the dry cleaners. This is because the chemicals used in dry cleaning are very harsh on keep vintage clothing such as silk and organza and might damage the clothes. You need to take the clothes to a cleaner who does not use chemical based solutions in order to ensure the clothes are cleaned but not ruined in the process. When it comes to vintage sweaters and coats, you need to ensure you wrap them in plastic bags and keep them away to prevent sun and moth damage. Fur and leather also require special care. Make sure you store these pieces of clothing in a cool dry place to prevent the leather from cracking. When it comes to washing vintage clothes, you can use a washing machine. However, instead of using a dryer to dry the clothes, hang them up using a hanger to allow them to dry. This is important since dryers may ruin the fabric of the clothes. Last but not least, when it comes to leather clothes, it is a good idea to use a lubricant on the piece of clothing. The importance of his is the fact that it prevents the leather from cracking from being too dry or from continuous exposure to the sun. These tips will help you maintain your vintage clothing for a long period of time. It is important to take care of vintage clothes because they are very difficult to find and they are timeless pieces that need good care.

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maintain vintage clothing

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