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Vintage Basics- Vintage Clothing Makes Recycling Looks Good

Vintage Basics- Vintage Clothing Makes Recycling Looks Good

Vintage Basics- Vintage Clothing Makes Recycling Looks Good

Vintage Basics- Vintage Clothing Makes Recycling Looks Good

vintage basics clothing

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How do you consider changing all the content of your wardrobe to vintage clothing? Does it sound archaic to your hearing? Well don’t get so furious yet.

I am not forcing you anyway, but may be all I am trying to put forward to you is that, you should look into the possible ways by which vintage clothing can be far better and far safer compared with the whole lots of modern day designed, fashionable clothes that you have in your wardrobe.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am not saying that your latest collection of new day fashion isn’t a good idea, all w are trying o say here is that a little bit of consideration of these vintage clothes may really add something extra and something special to your ward robe and your appearance altogether.

Vintage clothing can surely act as a good blend when worn along with various other present days clothing.

Think of the possibility of newly designed robe or gown upon which you wrap a beautifully designed and embroidered veil or vice versa.

The combination can really set you apart in a crowd of various individual wearing the same kind of attire, not as an out dated person but as someone with experience in blending color and fashion.

Don’t forget that the main thing that determines if an individual has fashion sense is the ability of the individual to be able to mix color and various forms of designs together perfectly.

But our main focus here is not about the physical beauty of these vintage clothes, it is basically about the safety of the vintage clothes.

Yes you heard me right… safety. What do I mean by safety? It had been discovered that these vintage clothes are far safer to the environment than the majority of the present day factory designed clothing that we have

Most, if not all the Vintage clothes we have been made by hand. From the manufacturing of the fabric to the sowing by the seamstress, they were all hand made.

They were rarely taken through any factory operation. Because of these they contain less carbon and therefore, their carbon content has little effect on the atmosphere compared with the other kinds of clothing that are made in our present world. Recycling them is also another way of saving the atmosphere.

This goes a long way to make the vintage clothing to be highly eco friendly. By now you should be able to see how you will be helping to save our dear mother earth by making vintage clothes part of your wardrobe.

This reduction in carbon content will therefore lead to the quantity of carbon released by these vintage clothes to the atmosphere which will also lead to the protection of that thing scientists called ozone

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