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vintage Clothing is Healthier

vintage Clothing is Healthier

vintage Clothing is Healthier

vintage Clothing is Healthier

vintage clothing

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If you ask me about the happiest way to live in this our present world, I will answer you by saying we can only live happily when we are living healthily and we can only live healthily when we are living naturally. Does it sound excessively rhetorical or philosophical? Well, never mind. However it may sound, it is still the truth. This calls to mind the more reason why we should consider the use of vintage clothes, since using them will be a very natural way to live, which will in the long run create a very healthy way of living.

What we are putting ourselves through, especially in the textile industries around are quite unimaginable. The textile industry goes through a lot of processes to get various forms of modern day fabrics available. The processes employed involve the usage of various chemicals that can cause damages to the environment.

Our present day world of textile involves the making of clothing like wrinkle free clothes, colorfast clothes, soft and un-shrinkable clothes. These are quite a good thing to happen in the textile industry. It is a proof of the ability of mankind to put their imagination and innovative power to really great use. But as good as these innovations are; they are having damaging effect on our lives as a people.

All these great innovations in the textile industry did not come without its own price. The prices that it incurred are not just in monetary terms. It also comes in terms of negative effect on our healthy living. The manufacture of these various kinds of materials also involves the use of various chemicals and dyes. Apart from these there are certain processes that the making of these materials go through that leads to the release of more chemicals. These chemicals are released into the atmosphere and constitute atmospheric pollution. Pay a visit to any industrial area and analyze the atmosphere there, you will be able to discover that these areas have nothing other than gases and chemicals that are clearly toxic to our health.

Some manufacturers also increase the damaged caused by these processes by dumping the wastes generated from these industrial activities in the waters of third world countries. They therefore make life difficult for those people. These manufacturers then end up having these third world people’s lives on their conscience, which is as good as having the people’s blood on their hands.

In comparison with newly made clothing. Vintage clothing is far from being unhealthy. Vintage clothing never requires the use of any damaging chemical. They are therefore eco-friendly. Imagine what the world will be like if we all revert to the use of these vintage clothing. The atmosphere, which is already badly damaged, will really thank us for it.
Vintage clothing of all forms, which are still in good condition are available all over in the local vintage clothing stores around you


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