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Vintage Outfits

Vintage Outfits

Vintage Outfits

Vintage Outfits

It has been a hectic few weeks for us here at Shpirulina so for this months shop update we are just bringing you the best of the best.

Below are our favorites from the recent additions to the store. It always goes too quick. Check out the pieces below and head on over to Adored Vintage to see all the new arrivals.

It’s a Mix Color Abstract Print Vintage skirt, full, high waist skirt, Viscose, with a zipper in back !

And it totally pure vintage from 70’s!Comfortable, fashionable vintage 70′ inspired skirt.

Easy to wear in casual or elegant outfits. Long, circle, Abstract design in shades of brown, red and purple.

Old fashioned style, very comfortable fabric and cut, will give you a mature look.

A vintage piece that will enrich your look.

What Concludes up the outfit is a vintage blouse!

1970 vintage blouse Slim fit and short hem line vintage blouse from 1970s.

Flair white with button down style and wide collar, double breasted front.

Just perpect vintage outfit:)

Shop Vintage Skirt-Vintage Skirt

Shop Vintage Blouse-vintage blouse



If you ask me about the happiest way to live in this our present world, I will answer you by saying we can only live happily when we are living healthily and we can only live healthily when we are living naturally.

Does it sound excessively rhetorical or philosophical? Well, never mind.

However it may sound, it is still the truth. This calls to mind the more reason why we should consider the use of vintage clothes, since using them will be a very natural way to live, which will in the long run create a very healthy way of living.

Well, here we have a 1990 vintage skirt A line vintage skirt from 90’s, lycra cotton, Flower print and soft tones. Feminine look and ideal for spring and summer days& nights.

Smocking on the waist, easy to wear and spend whole day with it Print has four different color in it so match it with lots of different colors.

What Concludes up the outfit is a vintage blouse!

Vintage 70’s inspired blouse. Elegant, feminine and romantic, this blouse is suitable for a date, or any formal occasions.

Short sleeves , V-neckline, hole design blouse.

Shop Vintage Skirt:vintage skirt

Shop Vintage Blouse:vintage blouse


Antique and vintage clothing are rather common these days. They have become so common in such a way that majority of people are either buying them or selling them. People have been able to discover the tons of cash that can actually be made from dealing in these antique and vintage clothing.

This is made possible by the availability of information on the beautiful and the incomparable state of the art designs that are available on these vintage clothing. People have also been able to discover that wearing these antique and vintage clothing will not label you as someone from the past, but rather , it will label you as someone that has fervor for adorable designs.

So first off, what do you think of this Pretty set?


So it’s a Vintage autumn dress from the 1950’s in pink with full-length sleeves, ivory shell buttons, a short but high collar, and white lace sleeve trim in the popular “Jackelyn Kennedy” style.

1950 vintage set- shirt+skirt This light pink vintage set from the 50’s is enough to cheer you up and full of the spirit of those years.

With its color ,romantic look and ruffled cuffs, it will make you feel like in 50’s. Can be wore as a set or seperately.

Great color for spring and summer. Buttoned style makes it easy to combine for both day and night.

Light Pink Buttoned Vintage Shirt Skirt Set For Women 1950’s

Shop Vintage Set:vintage set

Go Vintage!

The expression “Vintage” originates from English and means, truly interpreted, conceived, “or” Year ‘, additionally antiquated’ regarding a style.

In the setting of style or foundation alludes Vintage ‘on clothing or different things from the many years of the 1930’s to the 1970’s, which now likewise regularly the 1980s to be included and there are sources which even the 1910’s are involved.Vintage in this manner alludes just to clothing that is really old and originates from decades past, though, Retro’ is utilized to portray clothing or things that are new, however have been purposely composed in such a path as though they were more established and from one of the above decades. the vintage clothing becomes popular gradually, so it’s easier than before to find them.

In domestic, many cities have their own vintage clothing shop or retro shop. These tiny and nice stores would always have a limit time or style. Some clothes have big buttons for decoration, maybe a little strange the first sight, but you would admit it’s another “strange” style.

Vintage clothing reflects a kind of nostalgic romantic. Compared to the present fashion, it has an awareness of pattern and concentrate on the style matching. In fact, we completely unnecessary surprised that a skirt with 40 years of history is the same chic with the present designs Interestingly, vintage clothing has high distinguishing proof and uniqueness, it can’t be controlled by pattern or choose what sort of style you ought to wear in this season by originator and producer, you can pick as you such as – a style that draw in you and suit for your size and shape.

Wearing vintage clothing in an exceptional event, you don’t have to stress over the problem of having the same with others. You can make a novel style for yourself or attempt a wide range of styles with these vintage dress.

This requires their sentimental and alluring hues like a mix of yellow and dark and flawless materials. By obtaining vintage clothing which is simple, in light of the fact that there happened a positively only every once in a long while even that you sit in the tram somebody with the same article of clothing close to her
Another contention is manageability. Who’s purchasing vintage, naturally purchases second-hand and accordingly you benefit something for the earth.

As the name proposes second-hand clothing second hand and was at that point, if not numerous times, worn. Presently she has again another reason for existing, is not discarded useless and consequently is taken when purchasing a vintage piece even less the mass business to finish and you can give an old bit of clothing another life. This is enjoyable.


Vintage dot set from the 60’s !! i was so excited when I found it !!! So edorebele vintage set, with Gray polka dots, A rubber around the waist of the skirt and in the end of  the blouse.   Simply gentle and noble set!

1960 vintage set- blouse+skirt Vintage

So easy to wear and combine as a set or seperately. Iconic skirt with pleats and matching perfect fit shirt. You can look elegant by wearing as a set.

You can also combine this vintage shirt with your jeans. Gray polka dots on white fabric, seasonless look. Polka Dot Vintage Shirt Skirt Set for Women 1960s

Vintage day wear dress from the 1960’s in white with silver polka dots featuring three-quarters length sleeves, a cinched waist and pleats.

Shop Vintage Set-vintage set


It was the most active decade in terms of fashion trends. People till date are going retro with the hippie revolution and the acclaimed disco inferno. All these trends are characteristics of the 70’s fashion style. During the 70’s, discos were surely the most in-thing back then.

Bright colors were the most in-thing to dress during such disco events. The louder your costume’s color combination was, the better themed you would be! They went to the extent of selecting a combination of colors of which people would frown today.

While a defined look was still popular in the 60’s and continued to be, the prime of shift dresses, or even a short but fitting frock, came into life during this decade. Whether rendered in solid fabric, fun print, or even sequins, these cute dresses were inspired by Modernists.

Basic shift dresses are still a 60’s Vintage Fashionable choice today and are recognized as stemming from the mod look that characterized much of the 60’s.

A-line mini dresses were also popular during the 60’s. Like shift dresses, the A-liners were designed in many fabrics, colors, and patterns, and is a style still frequently seen today.

Beige Two Piece Vintage Set For Women 1960’s, Elegant and classy two piece vintage suit. Hot and sexy teacher look!

Perfect for formal, office occasions. Classy pattern jacket, three quarters sleeve and long, straight skirt.

Well preserved beige color.  The jacket has a nice floral print, in green and yellow shades. Made with care shown trough the great chromatic harmony.

Perfect vintage wardrobe basic!

Shop Vintage Set-vintage set


When we think of the 1980’s, the best words to describe that decade are Oversized, Overconsumption and just plain Over-the-top.

Those were the cornerstone features of this decade of excessive materialism. Perhaps it was on account of the fact that it was a period of audacious insatiability, wealth and idealism. Shoulder braces came back to fashion in super-sized variants, and the “force suit” that mirrored ladies’ rising status in workplaces.

Casual wear for the Yuppie collection was collegiate or very preppy with khaki pants, crisp white shirts, and traditional blue blazers, polos by Izod Lacoste and cotton sweaters draped over one’s shoulders while loosely tied in front.

Glamor in the 80’s, as depicted in the famous TV shows Dallas, translated to bedazzled evenings. In contrast to the more conservative and affluent set, the youthful counter-culture was defining their own unique style.

Mustard Oriental Print Vintage Set For Women 1980’s, Demure, folksy, elegant vintage set from the 80’s.

Perfect for formal occasions. Below waist, long sleeve jacket and knee length, tube skirt. Beautiful, inspiring oriental print in shades of mustard, will hypnotize every eye. Great quality and condition  items, very comfortable and easy to wear. An old-school style, statement vintage set.

Shop Vintage Set-vintage set


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