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How to Wear Vintage Clothing Without Looking Like grandmother

How to Wear Vintage Clothing Without Looking Like grandmother

How to Wear Vintage Clothing Without Looking Like grandmother

How to Wear Vintage Clothing Without Looking Like grandmother 

Fashion and vintage

WE all want to follow the fashion and look stylish, but today vintage clothing is the hippest thing to wear and many is rummaging through grandmothers closet, but unfortunately many also end up looking like their grandmother, and we know that it was not the style they were looking, many of them were more looking for the pinup style you see from the 50″ties. But there are helpful tips you can use to avoid it and we will try and show you How to Wear Vintage Clothing Without Looking Like grandmother. Tips and tricks If you want to know how to How to Wear Vintage Clothing Without Looking Like grandmother, then you can try and follow some of these tips and we will be certain you will look vintage without having the fashion faux pas you see on many others. You should really try and find vintage clothes that is in the same style as the fashion of today it can then be combined with clothes and today’s fashion and it will stick out like a sore thumb. If you chose something that will clash completely with the style of the fashion today, simply incorporate it into your wardrobe and you will look stylish at all times. Another really good idea is that you should not do hairstyles from the period, it first of all takes many hours to perfect and it is a hard look to perfect and unless you are really going for a look that is vintage through and through, then combine your vintage clothes with a more modern hairstyle and stay very fashionable at all time. The same goes for makeup, unless you both have the time and the skills, you should not really try and do it. When you are going for a vintage look, the look for something you can combine with modern accessories, it will make sure your vintage clothes are the center of the outfit, but it will not make you look like a grandmother.


This is one mistake that will obviously make you look like a grandmother. You cannot pull off a stand with too much of an old fashioned cloth. Splitup suits to have two different outfits; you only need to wear one part vintage and the other part a modern trend such as a coat or a skirt.

wear vintage clothing

Dos and don’ts If you are looking to wear vintage, the make sure you wear vintage that actually is vintage, picking something that is only 10 years old and adding it to your wardrobe is just something that will make you look out of style, you will have to pick something that will be in tune with the style of today and so far back in fashion history you will not have a piece left in your closet. You do not mix and match from different eras, you make sure you do a style and they accessories it or mix it with modern clothes and accessories in order to make it stand out and be center piece. You also make sure you are buying vintage that will fit you and your body style, if in any way possible try it on before you buy it, make sure you do not look like a grandmother before you buy it. Another do is to find clothes that are inspired from the area you are looking for, you can find many designers that is seeking inspiration from clothes in history and giving you an opportunity of looking vintage but in a more modern way and you will be your own in style and stay very fashionable. Do look for aid Ask for help online, there are many webpages offering you help and guides, as to what you can do and what you should definitely avoid doing. You can many websites that will help you to do right in your search for vintage fashion, it is possible to How to Wear Vintage Clothing Without Looking Like grandmother, you just have to follow the few simple pieces of advice we have mentioned above and you will be on your way to great fashion looks all year round. If you still have questions then ask at your local fashion store, here you have the opportunity to ask specialists and hear their opinion before you match a skirt from the 30″ties with a checkered shirt from the 90″ties and end up looking like you dressed in the dark or really did not car e what you look like, it is as we all remember a question of looking stylish not looking like a clown.

The world of fashion is full of innovations and upgrades. Every now and then, something different arises and everyone runs towards trying it out. When the vintage was first introduced in the market, the people, especially women were hesitant to wear it reason being that they would look like a grandmother!

You can’t blame them much on this reasoning, the vintage fabric itself appears old fashioned, having being common in the 1920s and mostly made of old and dull cloth. However, creativity has changed this view of the vintage encouraging more women to rock it.

20 tips to wear the vintage Clothing

  1. Mixing with current trends

To delete the boredom that comes from a mere glance at a vintage cloth, try mix and match with modern clothes. The vintage suddenly becomes quiet, but still noticeable and you don’t look too old fashionably dresses. You can wear a modern one coloured leather jacket over a vintage dress or pants.

  1. Modern Accessorising

Get a collection of trendy jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, anklets, bangles and head chains to add on the vintage. You could also accessorise with scarfs and hats. This creativity will definitely give you a classy look and breaks the monotony of the vintage garment.

  1. Avoid wearing pure vintage head to toe

This is one mistake that will obviously make you look like a grandmother. You cannot pull off a stand with too much of an old fashioned cloth. Splitup suits to have two different outfits; you only need to wear one part vintage and the other part a modern trend such as a coat or a skirt.

  1. Settle for new and quality vintage fabric

Do not buy vintage that’s in bad condition, no matter how hard you try, you will not get that outstanding look. Avoid torn, creased and faded garments and instead go for that which is new, durable and an easy to wash and iron.

  1. Do a little make over

To rock a vintage in today’s fashion world, makeovers are the little secret. You can decide to change the buttons and replace them with more modern and sparkling ones and you can also add a belt to the dress or blouse.

  1. Watch the occasion

The appearance of the vintage depend on the occasion you are in; Know when to wear it. For an official wear it is totally off and you appear as a mere client unless you decide to tone it down by wearing everything official on top of it. Vintage is great for social events.

  1. Use dark colours and layers to complement it

For vintage that is brightly coloured, have dark coloured clothes to complement it. For example, for a bright dress, you can wear dark stockings underneath and darker shoes. This complementation drifts away public attention at the same time making you look still in fashion.

  1. Pick less detailed vintage

Avoid vintage that has overdone patterns, shoulder pads, a screaming colour, buttons, zips and a lot more all in one! You could also redesign it to cut off some details such as buttons and give the cloth a whole new look.

  1. Choose from variety of eras

Vintage developed in various different eras, each era having uniqueness in design, stitching or patterns. Wearing vintage clothing and accessories from one era makes it boring and you look like you live in that era. Mix clothes from various eras and you will come up with a fashion sense that is totally new, not old and not even modern, just your own unique invention.

  1. Buy vintage inspired pieces

Lastly, but not least, do not fore garments to be vintage. Vintage is common and widely known, and anything less than it, will definitely not become it. There are a number of shops that sell modern vintage inspired pieces, consider getting the pieces from them. Moreover it saves you the hustle of trying to redesign a piece to look modern and fashionable, your idea must not go as planned.


Vintage is unique and beautiful in all ways but mostly when properly accessorised and matched to fit the modern fashion trends. Creativity and strategy is the key to moving an old vintage look into a classy modern look. With these tips, you will definitely rock a vintage without looking like a grandmother.


RT @polshki: If you wear vintage clothing and makeup, i automatically assume you’re a radical feminist

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 How to Wear Vintage Clothing without Looking Like a Grandmother
While it’s fascinating to find an old treasure in your closet, it can be hard to make a fashion statement out of it Well, there’s nothing wrong with wearing this and that, especially if you feel good in it But if you don’t want to fall as a victim of those fashion critics, it is best that you be careful in playing around with those vintage clothes.
So how do you wear vintage clothing without looking like a granny’? Here are some tips:
1. Choose garments that are trendy. Whether you believe it or not, there are actually plenty of modern fashion designers and houses that keep a variety of garments in their warehouses. And in designing new clothing, they constantly draw inspiration from pieces of clothes.
Well, if you can notice, the modern and most fashionable clothes today are just reinterpretations of those that have been a big hit yesterday. Therefore, finding and wearing the type of garment that appeals the looks of people today could save you from those criticizing eyes.
2. Wear contemporary makeup. Regardless if you take time applying makeup or not, chances are, you already look modern. You don’t need to recreate your hair that much. Just so you know, a simple hair and light makeup are considered very effective in flaunting vintage outfit.
3. Use modern accessories. To dramatically change the appeal of an otherwise vintage garment, you can pair it with modern bags, accessories, and shoes. Well, it will be easier to keep a trendy look if you choose a color that is present in the accessories, the bag, and the shoes.
Another trick is to highlight the garment with black accessories. Or perhaps, you can do vice versa.
4. Mix two eras into one getup. Even if you wear something vintage from head-to-foot, it is still possible to turn your outfit into something relevant. But how’? Simply mix eras.
Mixing two eras into one outfit can surprisingly create a certain effect that would interest the modern fashionistas. Unexpected combinations of vibrant colors and the mixture of textures and silhouttes even help put out a timeless look. Try it for yourself.
5. Get the right fit. When choosing what to wear, make sure it fits perfectly. There should be no puckering or pulling. There should also be no bagging and sagging. If, unfortunately, your vintage wardrobe suffers from these, consider taking it to the tailor. He or she can give adjustments to give it a good fit.
If it is too tight, do not be scared. There are still plenty of other garments that have allowances, which mean that the tailor can still make the necessary adjustments for you
6. Observe a color pattern. To achieve a modern-ish look, be sure that your outfit only has 3 colors or less. This should include your accessories, bags, and shoes. By observing a color pattern, you can make every piece compliment each other.
7. Dress for your personality. Do not ever dress up just because others think it is right. Dress in a way you are used to. If you only wear clothes that are relevant to your previous style, you can easily create a vintage fashion.
8. Stay away from nude stockings. Have you ever asked why nude stockings with black seams are only found in specific lingerie stores’? The answer is pretty simple. It is because people wear them occassionally.
9. Make it livable. How does your overall outfit feel’? Do you think it is likable or not’? Do you feel confident with it’? Here’s something you should know. Clothes can do magic, but they can also make us feel odd. The technique here is to appear great effortlessly and not to find those pieces that would make you fit in with the rest.
If you ever feel there is a need to wear stockings, please do find nude stockings with nude seams. You don’t need to let the world know your stockings area seamed. After all, you only want to create a unique look and not to hurt the eyes of passers-by.
The tips above are just some tips on how to wear vintage clothing without looking like a grandmother. With a little imagination and creativity, you will discover that the possibilities are endless. And there is nothing wrong with dressing your way.

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