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A line vintage skirt from 90s
A line vintage skirt from 90s DSC_3173 DSC_3183

A line vintage skirt from 90s

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1990 vintage skirt A line vintage skirt from 90s. Flower print and soft tones. Feminine look and ideal for spring and summer days& nights. Smocking on the waist, easy to wear and spend whole day with it Print has four different colour in it so match it with lots of different colours. Wear it with flat shoes, sandals or high heels. Red flower printed Vintage Skirt for Women 1990s



  Size M
  Year 1990s
  Chest / Bust Size
  Sleeve Length
  Waist Size 28-34.5 inches \ 72-88 cm
  Length 26 inches \ 67 cm
  Condition Very Exquisite
  shipping free-30 days
  Material lycra cotton

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