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What Zooey Deschanel think about vintage clothing?

What Zooey Deschanel think about vintage clothing?

What Zooey Deschanel think about vintage clothing?

What Zooey Deschanel think about vintage clothing? 


zooey deschanel vintage clothing
The beautiful, talented and intelligent actress and singer Zooey Deschanel has been a vintage fashion inspiration for many. Her very distinct style of dressing is definitely inspired from the 1960s and it has been copied a lot even by some known fashion icons. She is always known for her unique vintage clothing style both in and out of set. You might be one of those that love the vintage style of dressing and haven’t fully grasped how to pull it off and look as fab as Zooey Deschanel. You might not be a celebrity, an actress or even as beautiful as Zooey, but who said you can’t dress well and pull off this special vintage style? To help you get the vintage style of dressing right, outlined below are some useful tips, of course inspired by Zooey’s wardrobe. Shop For Quirky Clothing Quirky clothing which is simply clothing with polka dots, stripped, meshed or event checkered prints and very girly-looking and colorful dresses. Your clothing should mainly comprise of dresses, the typical Zooey favorites and colorful tights(who said they were for children only). Wear your vintage dress for both casual and formal occasions. Stick to bold colors and patterns just like Zooey who favors bright red , bright blue, polka dots and stripes. Include a cool feminine coat of a bright color of course. As you choose your brightly colored and patterned vintage outfits, remember the style of clothing should remain cool and modern for the best effect. Accessorize Your Vintage Wear Wearing vintage dresses and coats isn’t enough to completely pull off that amazing look because you need to accessorize.

Why do I think Zooey Deschanel appreciates the clothing style known as vintage clothing? Personally, I would have to agree that she admires this particular style

Zooey is known for her diamond barrette and even a thin headband. Add some of that Zooey 1960s flair to your hair do by tying ribbons, bows, wearing a headband or even sticking a flower. Be careful not to over-accessorize, just pick one piece of accessory that will stand out It could be that stylish headband, it could be the colorful bracelet, the large vintage earring s or even a barrette. Don’t ever over-do the bling thing or you will come off as tacky. Some Vintage Nail Art Your vintage wear will also be more accentuated with not only accessories but some quirky nail art too. Zooey has been spotted severally wearing some very expressive nail art. She not only turned to nail art to further complete her vintage look, but she also wanted to make them look nice so she wouldn’t bite them. You could try the polka dot, stripped, or flowered nail art. Of course you can experiment with more patterns just ensure that they are colorful. The Vintage Hair Do Bangs are the ultimate vintage hairdo and Zooey surely gets them right, in fact the bangs and the thick curls are her signature look. Always remember her healthy and natural hair is only achieved by good care. You can wear your bangs in different styles; you can choose to have blunt fringes, the softer bangs, they could cover your forehead or be swiped to the side. Depending on the shape of your face, wear your bangs accordingly. Also to complete the vintage hair do, remember to create some loose thick curls around your hair for that striking look. Now to maintain this great hairdo, take care of your hair by not overheating, or over-coloring it, treat your hair well to a point that you dedicate some days just to simply let it breathe. Smile A lot Have you seen Zooey? She is always smiling or having a hint of smile on her lips. How could you dress in such colorful clothing with bold patterns and not smile for the world? It will further accentuate your look because in the end, your smile is your best accessory. Keep Doing Your Homework It is evident that Zooey Deschanel thinks highly of vintage fashion and this is why she dresses in it every day of her life. That is why she has been an inspiration to many Vintage clothing lovers and that is also why the above tips are drawn from her own style of dressing. To maintain that Zooey vintage look at all times, you will need to keep checking out recent photos of this vintage style icon. Check out her latest look and let it inspire you to create your own unique vintage one

Vintage clothes also referred to as vintage style are basically clothes produced in a gone era, that is, attire produced after the 1920s to 20 years before the present day. Vintage wear is not something that is commonly referred to as fashionable by the current generation but Zooey Deschanel is a splendid ambassador for the retro wear. Zooey Claire Deschanel, the outstanding American sweetheart, best known for her star role in the television series “New Girl” has a wide array of talents from actress, producer, singer and songwriter, model and recently, adding fashion designer to this big list of talents. Zooey being the intelligent, beautiful and talented lady that she is, is a huge fan of vintage clothes that she looks stunning in Zooey is a real fashion inspiration as she proves to most that you can still look dashing and superb wearing vintage clothes. She is not a huge fan of expensive clothing rather she likes cheap clothes another indication of her killer fashion instinct. However, for those of us who get the pleasure in vintage clothing and try to re-make the look, we are very much mindful of how a partiality vintage cloth can some of the time transform into appearing as though you are wearing a costume wear. This is a trap that Zooey Deschanel dodges excellently, as well as turns on its head. She figures out how to pay tribute to the great outlines of vintage dress while holding her flawless current way to deal with styling. Zooey really loves dressing up and going out shopping. However, she is not a real fan of trends thus does not follow trends oftenly. She said she does not have a definitive style, she likes keeping it feminine and real. Zooey enjoyed wearing girly girl clothes that did not entail wearing trousers when she was little. Rather, she preferred party dresses as her casual wear and leather shoes. For one to clearly understand Zooey’s liking for vintage clothing, one must understand where Zooey came from. She was brought up in a society were children mostly wore hippy clothes. She has always enjoyed wearing vintage clothing from her tender years and as they say, old habits die hard. She however does a lot of research about her clothing so that she can get the best attire for her taste before traveling. Personally, Zooey advices all those who are into fashion as a fashion designer to know what does it for them. Being a fashion designer has really enlightened her This is so because Zooey now understands proportions and recognizes the what looks good on her body. She really much tries to keep herself true to her vintage wear because she knows she looks dashing in it Zooey rarely visits fashion shows and if she does visit she does not pay a lot of attention to other people’s dressing . She understands her look and that is key to anyone who will try to rock the Zooey Deschanel quirky, modern and classy look. Zooey Deschanel is a confident and beautiful lady who understands what she wants no matter whether others are wearing different designs. She is not a huge fan of red carpets as she termed them as one of her least favorite part of her job. She however admitted that she really adores acting and she does the red carpets as part of her devotion to her acting life. Apart from this, the acting part, she considers all the other stuff as glamorous but according to her, glamor is just another circus act. She likes being true to her look and focus more on herself. For those who know Zooey, you then must know as a kid, Zooey grew up in Hollywood. This meant that she had a lot of celebrity figures as moms and dads of kids from her school. At her schooling years, it was not cool for kids who liked showing off that they had money. Therefore from the time she was young she has always kept it in her mind that you don’t have to put on expensive clothes designs to look good. She is a living definition of what she stands for. Zooey really adores her vintage look being a true ambassador of the vintage style.
זואי 5 Disney's "Winnie The Pooh" - Los Angeles Premiere  Zooey Deschanel normally prefers to sport her unique, top-of-the-line clothing for the world to see. However, I’ve caught her on more than one occasion rocking the more subtle clothing commonly referred to as vintage clothing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen Zooey exhibiting these colorful displays of body art, or the only one who would agree that Zooey wears these kinds of clothes with a strong kick of memorable fashion. In some cases, she ignited newfound trends for others to mimic. In other cases, it’s maybe not so easy to even come across Zooey’s particular choices of clothing. Personally, I’d admire a closet full of her clothes any time of any day, especially when it comes to her vintage clothing. Sometimes I even rummage old magazines, hoping to discover Zooey and her offerings of fresh ideas on the clothing front. Then there are days where I take pride in dressing up like Zooey, resembling her vibrant nature that could make the birds want to sing. Most people approach me with their utmost positive vibes regarding my Zooey-like attire. The others just aren’t exactly sure who Zooey is yet, but still found our similar clothing most pleasing to the naked eye. It has become one of my newest fun hobbies of interest to shop around for clothes that mirror those of Zooey’s. Some days, I have to resort to window shopping, which is just as exhilarating. If only Zooey could skip along with me on one of these fun-filled, day long trips. I’m sure she would have a smile just as wide as mine across her face, matching her feisty, flamboyant vintage clothing. I can just imagine it all right now from my neon green mushroom chair, sitting in front of this bare and bright computer, how people would widen their eyes in approval at Zooey and me being what they refer to as ‘vintage twinsies.’ If I were to ask Zooey herself whether or not she appreciated wearing vintage clothing, I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear her claims of her numerous happy-go-lucky days of shopping at thrift stores, such as Goodwill or Salvation Army, for vintage clothing. However, I’m sure someone as fortunate as Zooey wouldn’t have to window shop for vintage clothing like I do. Whenever I catch Zooey wearing any form of vintage clothing, I have to admit that she kind of brings to mind other adjacent celebrities, such as Avril Lavigne, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Selena Gomez, and even sometimes the more fancy touches of our well known and universally beloved singer Adele. Why do I think Zooey Deschanel appreciates the clothing style known as vintage clothing? Personally, I would have to agree that she admires this particular style because it’s a bit of a breather from her other worldwide celebrity styles of fanciful dresses, classy attire, and tasteful sporty clothing. Who wants to wear the same styles of clothing all the time, right? Another reason I think Zooey adores this taste of clothing is simply because it makes her the unique spirit she is, as it illuminates her spunky, youthful soul. Therefore, she has the privilege of being herself, as well as standing out in the crowd. She’s not too mainstream, but she’s not too high on the vivacious spectrum in her vintage clothing, either. This has always seemed like the most perfect manner in which to dress, if you were to ask me and many others. Zooey’s taste of vintage clothing falls smoothly in the range between boring and ‘oh, look at me!’ We could each assert that she doesn’t do this on purpose. However, she can pull it off as effortlessly as a magician pulls rabbits from his hat, so to say. Or, she pulls it off as gracefully as a cat lands on its feet, appearing as if she has a poker face and tricks up her sleeve. Sometimes her variety of vintage can sneak up on her bystanders or onlookers. This is one of the countless images she sets that makes her so easy to love, and makes it all too obvious that she wouldn’t mind being buried in her vintage clothing. I can see Zooey wearing vintage clothing anywhere from the zoo to the doctor’s office to lounging around in her own home to a wedding of a beloved relative. In fact, don’t let your jaws drop too loudly as some of her other attire when she comes skipping around the corner in a vintage shirt that she designed all on her own. Zooey doesn’t just wear vintage clothing; vintage clothing sometimes wears Zooey.זואי 1

Vintage clothing makes you look classic, and sometimes sexy (cause of the red lips). Short skater, midi, or tea length dress gives a unique but sexy look that every women envied. One of famous celebrity who loves vintage clothing is Zooey Deschanel. She has every vintage cloth that you should probably have. Named a vintage style clothing, and I guarantee that Zooey has it. She is also looks very good on everything she wore. I know she is very beautiful, but a pretty face combine with a fashion no-no will still looks very bad. So beside beauty face, she is a smart girl in a fashion world.
As a vintage clothing lover, I am curious about what Zooey Deschanel thinks about vintage clothing. Does she really like it? Or maybe she is just doing some job that obligate her to wear vintage clothing? I don’t have the opportunity to meet Zooey in person, so I cannot give you a direct interview report, though it could be very exciting to me. What I can do is browse and browse, trying to dig some facts regarding Zooey’s comment, interview or just anything that gives us a clue about what is vintage clothing in her mind. I am intended to give you all of my browse result.
The first one is Zooey’s interview with THR. She said she really loved ballet’s flats. She also expressed a deep interest in flat shoes. What does this has to do with vintage clothing? Flat shoes are popular among women in 1930 to 1960. I also love flat shoes, especially with the brogues. Brogues are considered a classic timeless design of shoes. It originated from the countryside where people live in harsh environment. Now, brogues are considered formal, used for business or other formal appointment.
The next thing is she showed some deep interest in Salt Lake City. Do you know why? Of course, it is because Salt Lake City has amazing vintage shop. This confirms that she is truly a vintage clothing fans. Why did she go to Salt Lake City and buy some vintage items if she doesn’t like vintage stuff?
Her favorite items is suitcase. I cannot agree more. Vintage suitcase has a really classy design. It usually in brown color, with a rectangle shape. The outer layer usually made of skin. Just make sure it is real skin, lest it will not develop patina every vintage clothing lover admires. Synthetic leather will breaks in no time and it is not good.
She also loves cheapy clothes, but I think she’s just being humble. Why I think that way? It is because vintage clothing requires a lot of money. Real skin is expensive, and it used in many vintage products. Also, some vintage products are not mass produced. If you are buying them, they usually are made by order. So the clothes are made just when you order it. It is made exclusively for you, which make it a plus value. That is also why I love vintage clothing.זואי 3
The next interview is with refinery29.com. Zooey was asked about secret of wearing vintage that she could share. Her advice is simple, just wear what looks good on you. She also showed some interest in modern cloth that has vintage cuts. This is to be expected, but I think vintage clothing is more than a pick by what looks good on her. With that gorgeous face, she could wear tons of clothing style besides vintage and still looks good. But why did she choose vintage style?
Now comes the most interesting question. She was asked to mention her most-treasured item in her closet. She answers directly. Do you know what it is? It is a 1960’s Couregges Military Coat. It is kind of surprising, because I thought she was not into the military stuff. Well, maybe there’s a boy inside her, who knows. I think Couregges Military Coat is really great and kind of sexy. Zooey has the 1960’s Couregges Military Coat makes me envy her so much. But, this fact really confirms that she really love vintage clothing. I must say, I am proud to be her fan.


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