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About shpirulina

A little about myself And my love for vintage clothing

Shpirulina.com – vintage women  clothing.

Hello, my name is Shir. I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born in Moshav (Yad Natan), Israel, as the youngest daughter of our family in 1986. I’m a Vegetarian because of my great love for animals. From a tender age, I was a child of nature, who grew up loving the beauty and serenity that nature had to offer. That’s why I love taking nature trips and watching wild cranes. I also love helping wounded, and abandoned animals recover or find homes as my gift back to nature. I believe nature is rich with originality, vibrant colors and uniqueness, a quality that has me intrigued to this day. Its great colors and creations feel like a part of me, a feeling that grew in me since the 90’s as a kid. My love for nature drove me to start sewing and designing small Barbie clothes.

I had the chance to pursue my passion when I joined the world’s leading College of “Shankar” between 2010 and 2014, where I studied Textile Design (Bachelor’s Degree). I learned how to create beautiful fabrics by weaving and knitting. In the course of my studies, I learnt a lot of meaningful contents about creative designs and textile development. I developed a fondness for creating beautiful things out of most of the things we rarely notice, like for example, making myself uniquely designed dresses from things like curtains. I was able to picture creative clothing designs clearly in my mind.

Sadly, I lost my loving Grandmother in 2015. She was a short woman with a great personality who would cook very delicious food, knew several languages and always knew the right words to say. It was a big loss and a dark period in my life, but that also marked a significant turning point. When I was busy picking up her stuff from her rental house, I discovered a lot of vintage items that she had preserved all through her life since the early 50s. I fell in love with vintages garments and started traveling to various markets in search of vintage products mostly clothing.

That discovery and new found hobby brought my heart a lot of joy and contentment. Each time I came across vintage clothing, I took my time to examine it carefully while trying to imagine what it had gone through over the years? Who bought it first? What was its real life story? Such questions made my quest to find vintage clothes even more adventurous and fun filled. I thought of how to preserve nature by aiding in the recycling of vintage clothing, and this drove me even further into vintage clothing collection.

Nowadays, Each time I buy vintage clothing, I discover a whole new world, it’s like a new exciting story each time, a fact that brings me great satisfaction. Each vintage clothing is a clear indication of unique and extinct clothing, something you won’t easily come across in this day and age. I love collecting vintage clothing because it gives me a sense of appreciation of nature, pride and heritage, you can also have the privilege of owning this rare, unique and very beautifully made items if you set your mind to it.

Thank You.






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