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Hi, and welcome to the  best online vintage clothing store, shpirulina.com. This site offers you the very best of vintage clothes, be it the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s vintage fashion, “you name it, we have it”. Our products are a unique blend of original vintages garments as well as retro wear with the some of the most gorgeous designs of the past. Despite the fact that people from that era may have previously worn some of these vintage clothing, we have a collection of old warehouse vintage stock that comes with their original sales tags and have never been worn. Our NOS (New Old Stock) have the original strong, durable and rare fabric of the previous decades. Therefore getting yourself a vintage wear from us is the real vintage deal!

At this day and age, most people have a deep appreciation for their heritage and also the Superior quality, design, and fabric that only comes with Vintage garments. Here at shpirulina.com, we understand the fact that demand for original vintage wear is rising each day, and as we all know, “An increase in demand, means an increase in prices.” We’d like you to grab your own Vintage Clothing before we get to the time where these collectibles will be way more expensive than their current cost. The fun part about owning a vintage garment is that you can confidently wear it (it leaves a heck of a fashion statement), or you can store it as a collectible. It also gives you a sense of appreciation to our heritage as the human race.

Shpirulina.com offers you the very best of vintage garments at the most affordable prices. If you take your time to go through our catalog, you’ll be intrigued by what we have to offers. Quality and originality are the two main driving forces of shpirulina.com. With our simple checkout system and impressive after sale services, your experience while shopping on our site will be unmatched. Feel free to contact us in case you need to make any clarification, “It’s never a sin to ask a question.” Welcome and feel at home. From all of us here at shpirulina.com, the best and most affordable vintage clothing retailer, we wish you a happy shopping experience.

Vintage clothing is one of the most enduring fashions of the last decade,more and more people are choosing to wear vintage fashions because they can create a unique look which is unlike those that are currently on the high street. Many vintage fashions may be coming back but they are not the same as they were years ago and this allows people to add their own vintage twist to their outfits.

Vintage fashion covers clothing from the 1920’s forwards, any clothing before that is now classed as antique clothing and is clothing which should be well looked after rather than being worn on a regular basis.
Vintage clothing allows you to create many different looks, you can wear something vintage with a modern twist or something modern with a vintage twist, most of the current fashions have been done before. When you can see how the fashions have been styled previously it will give you an idea as to how you can style it now which is different to the way the high street is styling it on the in store mannequins.
There are many vintage shops dotted around, there could be one in your local town. It is important to look for vintage shops as you will be able to find genuine vintage pieces. If you shop online on a website which offers online auctions which allows people to write their own descriptions of items you may not find genuine vintage clothing. However you may find reproduction vintage or vintage style clothing but it could just be labelled as vintage clothing, it can be a very easy mistake for people to make if they do not know vintage clothing well
Genuine vintage clothing is clothing which has come from an era and was made then. Reproduction vintage clothing will be an item of clothing which was made later but was made to replicate a piece of clothing which was originally created. Vintage style clothing is an item of clothing made to imitate the style of a piece of vintage clothing. If you had a dress from the 60’s this would be a genuine piece of vintage clothing, if the dress was actually from the 1970’s but replicated a dress from the 60’s then this would be a piece of reproduction clothing. If you were to find a dress in a store today that looked like a dress from the 60’s then this would be a piece of vintage style clothing.
Both men’s and women’s vintage clothing is available for you to purchase there are now genuine vintage online stores which allow you to browse clothing at your leisure, you can ensure that you have looked at all items of clothing and you can go back to look at them again and again. One of the main benefits of these websites is that it is easy for you to find what you are looking for if you have an item in mind such as a jumper because you can go straight to men’s or women’s knitwear. Shopping at an online vintage store is just like shopping online at any other store and it means that no matter where you are located you can find vintage clothing you love.
When it comes to choosing a style of clothing that you would want to choose to follow fashion wise we have seen vintage clothing taken a popular rise in this style trend. There are many different types of vintage clothing but it will help to give its wearer a unique look that is essentially timeless. Below you will find out exactly what qualifies for vintage clothing and other information that you might not have known before.
Originally the general definition of vintage clothing is usually second hand clothing that comes from a different era from the era that you are in currently. These types of clothing can vary from era to era but they can come from different era’s such as the 1980’s or even the 1950’s. There are a variety of reason’s why an individual would like in different types of vintage clothing into their already expanding wardrobe.
When it comes to finding your size in vintage clothing you would want to think about getting a size up. If you wear a medium right now you could possibly wear a large in vintage clothing. When vintage clothing was regular clothing women usually weighed about twenty five pounds less then what we do today on average. Asa society we have gained weight but when looking for vintage clothing always make sure to try it on or buy a bigger size just in case it wouldn’t fit.
Although the definition of era is when a piece of clothing has been created out of the current era but some people believe that a piece of clothing has to be at least over twenty years old. Vintage clothing can be different items in different people’s minds. This is what creates the uniqueness of dressing up in vintage clothing because no two people will have the exact same definition and meaning behind the word vintage clothing.
Many people think that retro clothing and vintage clothing are practically the same thing because they look alike but that is untrue. Retro clothing is where a company tries to revamp a classic vintage look hoping to bring it back into style. This differs from the vintage look. The vintage look is second hand clothing that has already been worn and consists of clothing from a different era.
Vintage clothing can be unique, cute, and spunky. When added with the perfect accessories and other wardrobe items can turn into the perfect look. Vintage clothing can add a different look to the wearer and can help to amp up their look. Vintage clothing can be found in a variety of locations in different price ranges which would be able to fit into anyone’s budget.
You can find a wide range of different items of clothing which will allow you to create not only your own outfit but your own style, whether that’s 100% vintage or a mixture of modern and vintage clothing. When you have such easy access to genuine pieces of vintage clothing it is very easy to find pieces which you love at affordable prices to be added to your wardrobe.

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