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 AFFILIATE – How it Works?

It’s as easy as including a link to shpirulina on your website! If your application is approved, simply advertise shpirulina on your website or blog with a link, a banner, a text ad, or any combination of these methods. When your readers click on your shpirulina link, it will take them to our website, they can shop our vast selection of styles. At this point, if they make purchases, you can earn a commission starting at 10% on those sales. Your program acceptance e-mail will outline your commission structure and other important program rules. This process is absolutely FREE, completely uncomplicated, and allows you to start earning referral fees in just minutes!

If your website meets the eligibility criteria set by shpirulina, you will start earning plenty of money in affiliate commissions in no time.



Earning with shpirulina Partner Program is simple

You display Jabong ads on your website
A visitor clicks an ad on you website
He or she makes a purchase at shpirulina
You receive the commission

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie: 60 days
Average Sale: $100
Product datafeed with 500 of products updated daily

How Payments take Place

shpirulina takes up to 60 days to make payments after a month ends.

Sales that occur in the current month are calculated by the sixth working day of the next month. A report is prepared which is called partial validation report (with cancelled, returned orders removed) and is sent to an affiliate for their reference.

A final validation report (with cancelled, returned orders removed) is prepared within 45 days after the current month ends. Payments are made on the basis of this report.

In a nutshell, payments for the sales made in the month of January will reach you in the last week or March or first week of April.

Fill out the form below, and we’ll review your site for approval.
If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to check out shpirulina affiliate page or send us a note at [email protected]

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