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Condition Explanation

Product Conditions

Fresh off the shelf – This item has never been worn and remains in museum quality often from unsold shop stock, with original its original sales tags and packaging included.
Excellent condition – the item is still as new as it was when it was made and has no stains, holes or repairs. It has been well taken care of as time went by.
Very Exquisite – the item appears slightly worn out due to aging, fading, small marks or small repairs, but it still remains in mint condition and very wearable.
It’s a Collectible – The item may appear worn out with obvious flaws, but it remains a very rare vintage clothing worth having. Signs of wear and tear may contribute to the piece’s history; as a vintage military clothing, but its faults will be clearly outlined in the product description. Still wearable – Even though it is best suited as a collector’s item for display only it can still be worn.
Handmade – The item is 100% handmade using vintage clothing materials and textiles such as the Rokit Recycled range.
Still New – The item is still brand new and has never been worn, occasionally comes with its original tags attached.


How to Store

Always store vintage garments in a dry and dust-free place away from direct sunlight to reduce its chances of fading or Fabric deterioration.
Always hang up your vintage garments to dry out in perspiration instead of storing them in a hamper with the rest of your clothes until your washing day.
Always use padded or wooden hangers instead of wire hangers because wire hangers can ruin the cloth’s fabric at the shoulders and gradually cause ripping.
Always fold all fragile silks clothing, knits or beaded vintage garments carefully instead of hanging them up.
Always store vintage garments in a well-ventilated space not in closed plastic storage containers or bags because the fabric needs to breathe to preserve quality and scent.
How to Wash White Lace Vintage Pants For Women 1980s

Always read the care and washing instructions, when available, before washing the garments.
Always hand-wash vintage garments because pre-1960s vintage clothes are not machine-washable due to their very old and delicate nature. Good airing often removes any odor without affecting the garment’s quality.
Always hand-wash or even dry clean wool, silk, velvet or any beaded garments. Please make sure that your dry cleaner can freely clean delicate vintage fabrics.
Always hang up your vintage clothes on a drying rack instead of drying them using a dryer.
Do not frequently wash your vintage garments to avoid damaging the clothes from repeated washing.


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