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How To Buy Vintage Clothing All you need to know

How To Buy Vintage Clothing All you need to know

How To Buy Vintage Clothing All you need to know

How To Buy Vintage Clothing All you need to know

Shopping for vintage clothing can be among the most daunting experiences for a newbie. Apart from price, there are other things you need to take into account when it comes to buying vintage clothes online. Here are a few tips that will guide when buying vintage clothing from our online store.

Understand the difference between vintage and thrift What makes vintage clothing different from thrift? It is easy to find amazing vintage clothing and other items in online vintage stores but it is not easy to come across obvious thrift items in the same stores. In other words, vintage clothing defines items that have stood the test of time as well as proven to be relevant despite being around for many years. When buying vintage clothing find out the signs that the particular garment has metal zippers, union labels, saw toothed edges and side snap closures. Begin with a classic If it is your first time to shop for vintage clothing, it is wise to consider something timeless. You need to buy something that you can wear over and over again without losing its luster within a few months after purchase.

How to store vintage clothing How you are going to store your vintage clothing is very important. Some of the best storage practices that you need to embrace include

Size does not matter but undergarments When it comes to vintage clothing, size does matter but the undergarments. Sizing standards have been changing with time. This means that a particular garment might not appear attractive today if you decided to wear it with a certain undergarment. Therefore, it is wise to note this before hitting our store to shop for vintage clothing. Research properly It does not make sense to shop for vintage clothes without doing proper researcher. Vintage clothing is like an investment that should only be left for people who are educated. You should have adequate knowledge about designers, details and couture among other aspects before you start browsing our site to shop for the best vintage clothing.

Tailor it If you find something that attracts you but does not fit, do not worry because you can tailor it. Vintage clothing allows for nipping as well as tucking making them perfectly fitting. After buying vintage clothing, do not be afraid of spending extra cash to adjust them so that they meet your needs.

how to buy vintage clothing

Look at the fabric

After falling with love with a particular garment, you need to find out whether the fabric is in a good condition or not. Examine and touch the items ensure that there is still life in the same before you dig into your pocket to buy. Vintage clothing can get dry and then shatter with time unless maintained properly. There is nothing that will leave you heartbroken than investing in something that will not last for years. In case the garment appears to be cracking, pulling or even fading, kindly seek for another option than wasting your money on something that will leave you disappointed.

How to store vintage clothing How you are going to store your vintage clothing is very important. Some of the best storage practices that you need to embrace include

  • 11IStore your vintage clothing in a dry and dust-free place. Ensure that there is no direct sunlight so that you can avoid issues to do with fading as well as deterioration of fabric.
  • 1:Avoid keeping your garments in a hamper until you get time to wash them. Instead, hang them out so that they can dry because of perspiration

.1:IUse padded or wooden hangers because hangers made from wires are likely to ruin the fabric of your vintage clothing over time

  • 1:IFold knits, fragile silks as well as beaded items carefully rather than hanging them in your room •1:Avoid storing vintage items in plastic containers or bags because the fabric requires breathing How to wash vintage clothing

Washing vintage clothing is not an evening walk at the park for novices. The techniques used in washing vintage clothes determine the durability of the same. When cleaning your vintage clothing, ensure that you embrace these practices

.1:Read the care label that come with the clothes and then follow all the instructions outlined very carefully to the latter

.111All the vintage clothes designed before 1960 should be hand washed because a good number of them are non- machine washable

  • 1:IGood airing can help in removing any odor from your vintage clothing without necessarily damaging the same in the process of doing so.

My Vintage clothing Story My name is Spirulina and this is my site. I was born in the year 1986 in Moshav “YadNatan” Israel. During my free time, I love taking nature trips, assisting abandoned as well as wounded animals. The great love for nature’s vibrant colors and unique language made me to develop a great passion towards creation of vintage clothing at a very tender age. I enjoy sewing as well as creating vintage clothes.

I pursued a degree in Textile at Shankar College between 2010 and 2014. During this time, I learned how to create high quality fabric through weaving and knitting. After school, started travelling to the local markets where I collected vintage pants, T- shirts and dresses. I used to look at vintages, ask myself what they might have gone through as well as who used to own them before. This is among the reasons why my vintage clothes are not only unique but also attractive to anyone who wants to appear charming and trendy.

The history of vintage clothing 1950s-1980s

Vintage clothing in the 1950s Rockabilly is among the earliest styles of rock that played a great role when it comes to fashion in the 1950s. Some of the great influences in rockabilly include blues music, Western Swing and Boogie Woogie among others. A number of rockabilly revivals have occurred in the world since 1920’s. One of the frequently asked questions is the role of rockabilly music when it comes to vintage clothing’ history. According to experts of fashion and historians, music plays a great role as far as fashion is concerned. However, there is a complication when it comes to music and fashion in the 1950’s. Rockabilly had a very strong influence on vintage clothing in the early as well as the late 1950’s. Rockabilly represented the traditional sensibilities as far as music was concerned in the late 1940s and 1950s’. During the 1950s, Hems appeared and they disappeared shortly but hourglass silhouette never went anywhere. The great emphasis that designers placed on silhouette as well as the form brought about dependency on the existent garments including waist-cinchers, corselets, bullet bras, girdles pulled in and out This period led to the birth of ready to wear which was seen as an evil but later on gained much respect. In 1950s, The US War production financed a survey that involved measuring of 10000 women using the recommended standards of measurement. A number of design houses in the US including Tina Leser and Coil Chapman showed that it was possible to manufacture off- the rack high quality garments. America designers pioneered in creating the ready to wear garments that were readily availed to the general population. Vintage clothing during this period was regulated by consumerism, conformity and code among other aspects. Both the men and women’s activities are centered to families and homes thus making clothing to change.


how to buy vintage clothing

Vintage clothing in the 1960s

There was great fashion transition in the 1960s’. This decade began with the continuation of vintage clothing silhouette of the 1950’s. The US president John F. Kennedy married a beautiful and fashion inspiring women by the name Jackie. Her great sense of style as well as dressing made her to earn the title of the Queen of Fashion in America. The American teens dominated when it came to the fashion scene. The adults were equally not left behind as they struggled to catch up with the latest trends. The French baby doll appearance came into being with the likes of Brigitte Bardot seen wearing big hair and shorter skirts. Later on, there was the emergence of youth quake or British invasion. The teens embraced fun and free fashions. The move towards attaining modernity was not only conscious but internationally targeted. Many people decided to leave simple silk gowns and replaced them with the walking artworks. Designers from the US did very well in uncomplicated and casual sportswear chic. A few designers from Britain used the mini skirt fashion to design menswear. However, this had less success. By the year 1967, the new sense of fashion was considered more scandalous because of showing more of the body than it did in the past. It was during this time that many people proclaimed that fashion was no longer existent in the US as well as other parts of the world. One of the most important factors that contribute to the value of vintage clothing is historical valuing of these items. Because of the increased demand of vintage clothing in the 1960s, clothes from this period are easy to find, identify, restore as well as conserve when compared to those from other periods especially those designed in the early 1920s giving you more reasons to consider them if you want to improve your sense of fashion.

Vintage clothing in the 1970s Vintage clothing underwent many changes in the 1970s. There is no doubt that 1970s is a decade of decadence. Daywear, pantsuits and other vintage clothing with masculine sense of style emerged. Women made appearances at their workplace in small numbers. Skirts were designed in a wide range of shapes as well as styles. Avocado, mustard, rust, burgundy and warm browns are some of the popular colors that dominated during this time Sexy women appeared in stylish and smart clothing in different shows such as Charlie’s Angels. The end of the hippie movement was marked the festival of peace and music. Elements of art and craft such as macrame, crochet, batik and tie-dye were introduced during the same time The Praire dress phenomenon was popularized by designers such as Laura Ashley and Jessica McClintock. The Blue jeans also emerged as one of the daily wears for most people in the 1970’s. Denim became the ultimate garment among America natives. The other common garments included suits, jackets, hats, vests and skirts among others. The glitter and glam rock saw the emergence of different types of fabric including satins, velvets as well as lurex just to mention a few of them. Boots and super high stacked platform type of shoes were among the highly favored footwear. Both men and women wore makeup on their faces. Stores such as Biba and Granny Takes a Trip created multiple locations all over the United States of America as well as the United Kingdom. Discotheques were filled with tight fitting dresses, tube tops, dancewear inspired dresses and wrap around skirts. Designers as well as celebrities were seen partying with beautiful women wearing vintage clothing in infamous clubs such as Studio 54. Quiana polyester shirts dresses and blouses were also popular among the residents of New York and other places.

Vintage clothing in the 1980s

One of the words that come to your mind when you think about vintage clothing in the 1980s is BIG. Materialism, oversized and overconsumption are among the features that were evident in the 1980s. In other words, it was a time of optimism, abundance and maximum greed. There was also the return of shoulder pads and power suits that showed women’s new status in their places of work. The pursuit of fulfillment drove many men and women to wearing casual vintage clothing. Professional designers emblazoned logos on the exterior of their designs. Women wore colorful and bold makeup because this was an era of dangling earrings and large statement necklaces as depicted in various Television shows. Women permed their hair, teased and then coiffed to make them extra large. Pop musicians became icons when it comes to fashion. Outer wear and underwear were popularized by the likes of Madonna who infused street fashion. Legends such as Boy George, Grace Jones and David Bowie played a major role in vintage clothing. The self indulgent and self conscious decade saw the emergence of a fashion trends that made dance and exercise wear to use not only in the studios and gyms but also in the streets. The aerobic craze greatly changed fashion trends across the world, with the likes of Lycra and other styles and fabrics. The juxtaposition of trends, influences and variety brought about a unique legacy in fashion trends. The vintage inspired clothing or vintage reproductions of the 1980s are the best for people who are obsessed with old style of garments but they still want to embrace the modern day interpretation when it comes to fashion. If you want to make your dressing fun, then it is high time you considered the idea of shopping for vintage clothing online. The modern style of vintage clothing come in different sizes, designs and color thus providing you with an opportunity to make your selection according to your preference. In your style, you can find unique inspired brands of vintage clothing that will not only leave your adorable but also fashionable.

 Items of vintage clothing which are not genuine are instantly obvious, and while real vintage clothing may show signs of wear and tear, or have missing buttons and loose threads, genuine vintage clothing is still the best option for those looking to channel the vintage clothing trend


When it comes to choosing a style of clothing that you would want to choose to follow fashion wise we have seen vintage clothing taken a popular rise in this style trend. There are many different types of vintage clothing but it will help to give its wearer a unique look that is essentially timeless. Below you will find out exactly what qualifies for vintage clothing and other information that you might not have known before.

Originally the general definition of vintage clothing is usually second hand clothing that comes from a different era from the era that you are in currently. These types of clothing can vary from era to era but they can come from different era’s such as the 1980’s or even the 1950’s. There are a variety of reason’s why an individual would want to add different types of vintage clothing into their already expanding wardrobe.

One reason why an individual would want to add vintage clothing to their wardrobe is that they want a cute but realistic outfit, or costume, for a party or even for a themed dance. By using a variety of vintage clothing an individual can make sure that their costume is as realistic as possible. Another reason why an individual would want to add vintage clothing to their wardrobe is to help spice their wardrobe up. There are plenty of unique and trendy vintage pieces that can revamp up a wardrobe and help to make other pieces stand out in an outfit even more.

When it comes to finding your size in vintage clothing you would want to think about getting a size up. If you wear a medium right now you could possibly wear a large in vintage clothing. When vintage clothing was regular clothing women usually weighed about twenty five pounds less then what we do today on average. Asa society we have gained weight but when looking for vintage clothing always make sure to try it on or buy a bigger size just in case it wouldn’t fit.

Although the definition of era is when a piece of clothing has been created out of the current era but some people believe that a piece of clothing has to be at least over twenty years old. Vintage clothing can be different items in different people’s minds. This is what creates the uniqueness of dressing up in vintage clothing because no two people will have the exact same definition and meaning behind the word vintage clothing.

Many people think that retro clothing and vintage clothing are practically the same thing because they look alike but that is untrue. Retro clothing is where a company tries to revamp a classic vintage look hoping to bring it back into style. This differs from the vintage look. The vintage look is second hand clothing that has already been worn and consists of clothing from a different era.

Vintage clothing can be unique, cute, and spunky. When added with the perfect accessories and other wardrobe items can turn into the perfect look. Vintage clothing can add a different look to the wearer and can help to amp up their look. Vintage clothing can be found in a variety of locations in different price ranges which would be able to fit into anyone’s budget Vintage clothing is becoming more and more popular with many people choosing to create their own unique look which is unlike anything found on the high street. Many vintage fashions are making a comeback but not in the same style as they were originally and this means that people can create a vintage look to their outfit while still staying bang on trend.

What we think of as vintage clothing covers clothing from the 1920’s up to the 80’s and sometimes 90’s anything older than the 20’s is classed as antique clothing. Antique clothing should be well looked after, and is not suitable to be worn on a regular basis.

Wearing vintage clothing allows you to create many different looks, you could wear mainly vintage clothing but give it a modern twist to bring it up to date, or you could wear an outfit full of current trends but add a vintage twist so that it’s not the same as what everyone else is wearing. All the current fashions have been done before but they have never been done in exactly the same way so it is great to be able to mix and match. When you see how the fashions were styled the last time they were around it will give you ideas as to how you can style them now, by looking back at how they’ve been styled before will give you something different to the way they are now styled on the store mannequins.

There are many vintage shops around and there could be on in your town, a vintage shop will offer genuine vintage clothing and you can trust them to know that what they sell is vintage. When you are shopping online there are a number of online auction websites which allow people to write their own descriptions of items they are selling and you could find that someone in their lack of knowledge lists a piece of being vintage when it isn’t. You may find that people list something as being genuine vintage when it is in fact reproduction vintage or just vintage style, it can be a mistake very easily made if they do not know vintage clothing.

Genuine vintage clothing is an item of clothing which was made in the era that it is styled for, a swing dress made in the 50’s would be a genuine piece of vintage clothing. Reproduction vintage clothing is an item of clothing which is made to imitate a piece of clothing from the original era. A 50’s swing dress made in the 70’s but copied from a piece made then would be a piece of reproduction vintage clothing. If you were to find a dress in store today that looked like a 50’s swing dress then it would be a piece of vintage styled clothing, it would use a completely different print and possibly style of fabric, only giving it the shape of the original dress.

You can find both men’s and women’s vintage clothing and with genuine online vintage website stores you can have a wide variety of vintage clothing at your fingertips. A vintage clothing website will allow you to browse at your leisure comparing items of clothing you’ve found and going back to look at them over and over again. One main benefit to shopping on a vintage clothing website is that you can go directly to the clothing that you are looking for, if you want a blouse you can go straight to the how to buy vintage clothingsection that focuses on blouses, allowing you to possibly choose the colour or even brand of a blouse you are looking for Shopping online means that no matter where you are you will be able to purchase vintage clothing because the websites are just like shopping on any other clothing website Vintage clothing is one of the most enduring fashions of the last decade, with celebrities including Alexa Chung and Kate Moss helping to ensure that combining vintage clothing with more modern pieces is still a fashion option for many fashion fans. When it comes to buying vintage clothing, authenticity is absolutely key. Items of vintage clothing which are not genuine are instantly obvious, and while real vintage clothing may show signs of wear and tear, or have missing buttons and loose threads, genuine vintage clothing is still the best option for those looking to channel the vintage clothing trend. Here at Cameo Vintage we specialise in vintage clothing from a variety of eras, from the prim and proper 40s to the excessive 80s, and our range of vintage clothing is one of the most comprehensive collections available. All of our team are experts in sourcing high quality and genuine vintage clothing, and those looking for specific items of vintage clothing can ask our staff to source something using their great skills. We are committed to offering the widest range of vintage clothing available, and this means that our range of vintage clothing includes vintage clothing in sizes eight to 20. Our range of vintage clothing is varied and includes dresses, knitwear, skirts, jumpsuits, playsuits, tops, outerwear and shoes. This ensures our vintage clothing fans can be top to toe genuine, and is one of the reasons so many fashionistas use our vintage clothing store. Once you have chosen all of the main vintage clothing items for an outfit, why not head on over to our vintage clothing accessories store to find the perfect finishing touch for your look? Our range of vintage clothing accessories includes necklaces, pretty bracelets and bangles, earring, cameos, brooches and genuine vintage hair slides. If you are lookina for vintaae clothina items and you want to make sure you are buvina aenuine vintaae



clothing from a reputable supplier, come to us here at Cameo Vintage and talk to our vintage clothing team about your needs. More and more people are choosing to wear vintage fashions because they can create a unique look which is unlike those that are currently on the high street. Many vintage fashions may be coming back but they are not the same as they were years ago and this allows people to add their own vintage twist to their outfits.


Vintage fashion covers clothing from the 1920’s forwards, any clothing before that is now classed as antique clothing and is clothing which should be well looked after rather than being worn on a regular basis.


Vintage clothing allows you to create many different looks, you can wear something vintage with a modern twist or something modern with a vintage twist, most of the current fashions have been done before. When you can see how the fashions have been styled previously it will give you an idea as to how you can style it now which is different to the way the high street is styling it on the in store mannequins.


There are many vintage shops dotted around, there could be one in your local town. It is important to look for vintage shops as you will be able to find genuine vintage pieces. If you shop online on a website which offers online auctions which allows people to write their own descriptions of items you may not find genuine vintage clothing. However you may find reproduction vintage or vintage style clothing but it could just be labelled as vintage clothing, it can be a very easy mistake for people to make if they do not know vintage clothing well.


Genuine vintage clothing is clothing which has come from an era and was made then. Reproduction vintage clothing will be an item of clothing which was made later but was made to replicate a piece of clothing which was originally created. Vintage style clothing is an item of clothing made to imitate the style of a piece of vintage clothing. If you had a dress from the 60’s this would be a genuine piece of vintage clothing, if the dress was actually from the 1970’s but replicated a dress from the 60’s then this would be a piece of reproduction clothing. If you were to find a dress in a store today that looked like a dress from the 60’s then this would be a piece of vintage style clothing.


Both men’s and women’s vintage clothing is available for you to purchase there are now genuine vintage online stores which allow you to browse clothing at your leisure, you can ensure that you have looked at all items of clothing and you can go back to look at them again and again. One of the main benefits of these websites is that it is easy for you to find what you are looking for if you have an item in mind such as a jumper because you can go straight to men’s or women’s knitwear. Shopping at an online vintage store is just like shopping online at any other store and it means that no matter where you are located you can find vintage clothing you love.


You can find a wide range of different items of clothing which will allow you to create not only your own outfit but your own style, whether that’s 100% vintage or a mixture of modern and vintage clothing. When you have such easy access to genuine pieces of vintage clothing it is very easy to find pieces which you love at affordable prices to be added to your wardrobe.




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