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Buy Vintage. It’s glamorous and ethical

Buy Vintage. It’s glamorous and ethical

Buy Vintage. It’s glamorous and ethical

Buy Vintage

You can buy a new dress from any high street and feel a moment of happiness. The rush of the leaving the shop with something brand spanking new. But sometimes – you want more than that.
Expressing your own style without following what’s dictated by fashion is a powerful feeling. Choosing what suits your own style and mood by creating your own individuality – even more so.
That’s what appeals to vintage lovers. Wearing what makes you… you!

Be a lady in Vintage

Buy Vintage! You’re one of a kind
When you find a vintage piece, you get something which isn’t a replica made by the thousands for retail stores. It’s unique, if not one of a kind. And you’re sure to look individual in it too.
“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it” Yves Saint-Laurent

Classic Yves Saint Laurent

Quality Matters
Back then clothes had to last longer as fashion wasn’t throw-away.The majority of British clothes were made by British people – with some of the detailing even finished by hand. Can you imagine clothes from high street retailers today surviving the next 50 years?


Dapper gent in Vintage

Supporting independent British Traders
It’s so important to support Britain’s independent traders of vintage.
Over the past ten years the growth in large retailers and huge corporations has pushed many smaller independent stores out of business.
The stores online at shpirulina.com are passionate about vintage. We need to help keep their passion alive – so they can continue to bring you quality vintage from around the world.

Very true indeed…
Buy Vintage! is Good for you, good for the planet…

By wearing vintage clothes you are recycling them. And, on a wider scale by recycling fashion you are saving pollution created by factory emmisions, dumping of dyes and nasty chemicals when producing cheap clothes in their masses.
By buying vintage you’re creating your own style, caring for the environment and supporting independent traders. It’s an essential part of British life.

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